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OFFER Capybara keychain, capybara plush

OFFER Capybara keychain, capybara plush

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Assembly Required No
Modern style
Unit count 1.0 unit
Do you need batteries? No
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Customer Reviews

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Carmen Salinas lanzas

Muy divertido, a mi hijo le gustado mucho

A Birthday Gift!

Got this as a comfort stuffed animal for my friend, Eric. He bought me an elephant, and I got him his favorite animal, a capybara. He said "Capy is the softest, fuzziest friend who helps me feel safe and calm and always reminds me of you. I love his fuzzy body and soft fluffy face. I'm also glad they kept his toes connected - Capybaras have webbed toes. My favorite thing is the Capy was made with environmental-friendly materials."

Jennifer Smith
Super cute 'cappy'.

Thanks to some guy on TikTok, my son is obsessed with capybaras. When he asked for a stuffed one I was fairly certain that such a thing did not exist, happily, I was wrong. This plush toy is so soft, so cute and so huggable that he quickly became a family favorite. The dogs have even tried to make off with him.

It was soo cute!!
It’s kinda small

I really loved the plushy it was soo cute but, it was kinda smaller than I thought. Overall cute would recommend.